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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crosby, Cole, and All Star Ponderings

Happy All Star Weekend! I was sitting here, watching the skills competition and then the game and thinking it was missing something--Crosby. The Penguins are my team, so I'm a Sidney supporter all the way. Curious, I found an article saying he pulled out of the competition on Thursday after getting a lower body injury but was expected to be back on the ice next week.

I guess he's taken a lot of criticism for missing the All Star weekend. What I didn't know was he's missed all but 2 All Star weekends in his 10 year career, and one of those he attended was in the audience due to another injury.

I'm sure he has his reasons, and he deserves them. I've long been amazed by not only his hockey skills but his humility, poise, and sweet disposition. It intrigued me enough that I made a similar Sinners character--that's right, Cole ;-) This quote from the article was so spot-on for what Cole's facing in Home Ice:

"Being the best player on the planet means having the biggest set of responsibilities, from keeping your nose clean off the ice to promoting the game across the globe."

Imagine having that responsibility from age 18 on. It's really interesting exploring that in this book. Thoughts?

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