She is an enigma wrapped in a little, blonde riddle.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

Happy Easter!

It's time for Sneak Peek Sunday again thanks to:

Here's a snippet from On the Fly, available now at any e-book retailer :) This is just after a stolen kiss.

She stepped away for good measure and looked around to make sure no one had been watching. Relief almost took out her knees when she saw the cameras were pointed at the dance floor. 

“Are you insane?” 

Carter leaned one hand on the wall, trying to catch his own breath. “Folie à deux,” he  
panted with a pointed look. 

A madness shared by two. Appropriate. 

“Don’t you quip at me in French right now.”

Monday, March 25, 2013

Glow Horns Giveaway!

In case you missed mention of the giveaway, I'm picking five lucky readers to win a pair of Sinners glow horns like those mentioned in On the Fly. To score a pair of these babies...

Drop me an email at with your favorite scene from the book by April 8th. I'll get in touch with the winners by the next day. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mad About Madden a.k.a. Brotherly Love

Many readers of On the Fly have told me how much they love Madden, Jacey’s brother, and that he should have his own book. Don’t worry; he will! The second novel in the Sinners series focuses on Reese, the goalie, and it looks like the third book will belong to Dylan Cole, the rookie, but Madden is in my mental pipeline. I love him too! And in case you were curious, this is how I pictured him:

I want to give credit where credit is due and explain my inspiration for him. I have two younger brothers, both in their mid 20s, whom I adore. If you read Madden and liked his loyalty, dedication, protective instincts and love for his sister, you should know those qualities came from my own brothers. They are supportive, extraordinary men, and I’m proud and lucky to be their sister.

Madden’s pitfalls are all his own, but that side of him was inspired by the character, Harry, from the TV show Tru Calling. I wanted to capture that charming but sometimes deceptive personality because I knew it could get into some major league trouble in Las Vegas. Madden was an interesting character to me because he could appear very selfish while at the same time be this vulnerable, sweet guy capable of deep love and commitment. That’s something he’ll have to work toward, but his journey will be a fulfilling one.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more of the team and the women strong enough to keep them in check!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Very Superstitious...Writing's on the Yogurt Lid

I write about hockey players. In my research, I’ve been around a few, and I know how superstitious they can be. I have some fun with that in my books. All the while, I never put much stock in it until I sat back and realized how many superstitions I have. I’m twenty-nine. How did I just come to the realization that I’m superstitious? I was reflecting on yesterday and found myself saying, “My yogurt lied to me.”

I should give you some context for this. You know how some people read tea leaves after they drink a cup? The design of leaves on the bottom makes some kind of prophetic symbol. I have yogurt every morning, and when I peel back the lid, I look for an image. This is also kind of like looking for pictures in the clouds or breakfast meets Rorschach. I realize it’s probably just a reflection of my own brain, but I still look for those tiny pictures. I usually see a heart or lobster claw, which is another symbol for heart to me and not because I like seafood. Long story. Anyway, if I see a symbol on my yogurt lid, I expect my day to reflect it. This rarely happens, but I still expect it.

So the yogurt got me thinking…what else do I do?

There are a few sets of numbers that have special meaning for me. Mostly addresses and birthdays. If I see those numbers come up on a clock, I have to watch until the minute passes. In that minute, I think a good thought regarding the person attached to the numbers.

I make wishes on stray eyelashes, dandelion fluff, pennies, birthday candles, and necklace clasps that slide down in front, and I don’t disclose those wishes because then they wouldn’t come true.

And yet, I manage to function in everyday society. Maybe on some small level, these things help me function. I’m a Type A personality all the way. I can only “go with the flow” on a lazy river ride, and even then I’m probably brainstorming book ideas. In a chaotic, unpredictable world, control can be hard to come by. If these little superstitions help me feel like I have some sway in cosmic events, that’s good, right? All of a sudden, I understand my heroes a little better J

What superstitions do you have?