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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Very Superstitious...Writing's on the Yogurt Lid

I write about hockey players. In my research, I’ve been around a few, and I know how superstitious they can be. I have some fun with that in my books. All the while, I never put much stock in it until I sat back and realized how many superstitions I have. I’m twenty-nine. How did I just come to the realization that I’m superstitious? I was reflecting on yesterday and found myself saying, “My yogurt lied to me.”

I should give you some context for this. You know how some people read tea leaves after they drink a cup? The design of leaves on the bottom makes some kind of prophetic symbol. I have yogurt every morning, and when I peel back the lid, I look for an image. This is also kind of like looking for pictures in the clouds or breakfast meets Rorschach. I realize it’s probably just a reflection of my own brain, but I still look for those tiny pictures. I usually see a heart or lobster claw, which is another symbol for heart to me and not because I like seafood. Long story. Anyway, if I see a symbol on my yogurt lid, I expect my day to reflect it. This rarely happens, but I still expect it.

So the yogurt got me thinking…what else do I do?

There are a few sets of numbers that have special meaning for me. Mostly addresses and birthdays. If I see those numbers come up on a clock, I have to watch until the minute passes. In that minute, I think a good thought regarding the person attached to the numbers.

I make wishes on stray eyelashes, dandelion fluff, pennies, birthday candles, and necklace clasps that slide down in front, and I don’t disclose those wishes because then they wouldn’t come true.

And yet, I manage to function in everyday society. Maybe on some small level, these things help me function. I’m a Type A personality all the way. I can only “go with the flow” on a lazy river ride, and even then I’m probably brainstorming book ideas. In a chaotic, unpredictable world, control can be hard to come by. If these little superstitions help me feel like I have some sway in cosmic events, that’s good, right? All of a sudden, I understand my heroes a little better J

What superstitions do you have?


  1. I'm like you. I have wood paneled ceilings and I'm always looking for faces. I've also found them in my map wallpaper in the bathroom and because I have yet to choose a carpeting for my bedroom, my floor is exposed boards and I actually found a man's profile and traced his head out in black marker. I'm also slightly OCD in that I always lift my toes over the seams in pavement. I hate it when I miss them. Yep. You're perfectly normal.

  2. Love it, Tara! Do those faces ever creep you out? :)