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Monday, February 4, 2013

What Would Carter Phlynn Do?

A quick interview with my hero from On the Fly

1.     Go skydiving
Sure. Why not?

2.     Sing Karaoke
Only if I'm drunk.

3.     Make the first move on the opposite sex
When I get the chance. The women I tend to meet usually aren't shy.

4.     Try an exotic food
I'm open to new things, but I have my limits. But on a dare...I'd probably do anything once.

5.     See a movie with subtitles
I'm more of a Die Hard kind of guy.

6.     Try online dating
Not necessary.

7.     Spend a Saturday night reading at home
My only free Saturday nights are in the off-season, and I've always got something better to do.

8.     Believe in the supernatural
I don't know about supernatural. But every hockey player has superstitions.

9.     Change your own tire or oil
Don't have time to change my own oil, but I could. And if I got a flat, I could take care of it.

10.     Cook dinner well
I make very good frozen pizzas.

11.     Ask for help
When I need it.

12.     Admit to not knowing something
Sure. Pretending takes too much effort and isn't worth it.

13.     Do your own taxes
I can figure out the geometry of a game plan. Beyond that, math and I don't mix.

14.     Have Lasik eye surgery
I'm lucky enough to already have perfect vision.

15.     Smoke
Never wanted to. It diminishes lung capacity and stamina. Oh, and there's cancer.

16.     Watch reality TV
When I have time to watch TV, I usually watch a game.

17.     Regularly clean your bedroom
Again...not a whole lot of free time. I do laundry once a week and pick up if someone's coming over.

18.     Get a tattoo
I would, but it’d have to really mean something to me. None of that tribal, flaming skull shit.

19.     Consider a different religion
Hockey's been my religion since I was five.

20.     Have children
Some day.

21.     Go skinny dipping
I believe that falls into my try-anything nature.

22.     Get self defense training
You learn all the fighting you need in hockey.

23.     Play hooky
Can't really do that. As captain, I pretty much have to show up.

24.     Have a facebook page
I have one to keep up with family and friends, but I almost never use it.

25.     Go to an art museum
If persuaded by the right person.

26.     Go to a doctor
Yearly physical is mandatory. And with my injury list, I'm used to doctors.

27.     Hike
I'm all around athletic. Hiking sounds good to me.

28.     Speak a different language
You learn a good deal of French in this sport.

29.     Change hair color
If it was a team morale thing.

30.     Go over the speed limit
Everybody has a vice, right?

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